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Review of tv and motion pictures to some is a hassle but in this article we will be giving you a simple approach to achieving your goal. Have you ever wondered how to review tv and motion pictures? look no further, this article will help you carry out the said assignment perfectly. Today we will begin with reviewing TV.

Review of tv and motion pictures is a vast subject and we will break it in bits. Television reviews usually vary for a good number of genres, some gaining more tractions than others. When reviewing tv shows you must endeavor to first understand the show/genre to be reviewed; your understanding must cut across genre, characterization, cast, costumes, linguistics etc. of the said show. One must also consider the time frame for each show was it long enough to unravel the story plot or was it overdone for a longer time frame and watered down the reason is because most tv shows are measured in 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes with the exception of an occasional sitcom that runs 45 minutes. Whether or not the show deserves more or less time frame is highly dependent on the reviewers in-depth understanding of that genre.

            Top things to look out for when doing a review of tv and motion picture are listed below. The following will help you write a review for tv and motion picture


  1. What do you want to convey with your review?

Is it your like or dislike of the show, or is it your unbiased opinion using the reviewer standard o the show?

  • What do you want your readers to see in it?

Although this factor can be a bit tricky or undependable because you might end of tailoring your reviews to what you feel your audience might want to hear as opposed to an unbiased review of the show. Your potential readers are readily believing of your work to help them make the decision if the show would be a waste of their time or not


Tv review usually follow a certain structure to help organize the review

  • Plot summary- in the opening paragraph of your summary, you should be able to identify the mainstay of the tv show slightly unraveling the basis of the plot craftily just enough to pique the curiosity of your readers to watch the show or not (as we have earlier revealed that your review could be positive or negative or both) while viewing the show without dropping any spoilers. This paragraph should only contain important details like control character, setting, time period and genre. This would give your readers an insight on the show and keep them excited for the crux of the show.
  • Provide product information (much like a book review and quite unlike it too!) – in your review you must include the casts and their previous works in comparism to the success or the flop of this show. You would also enlist the names of the production crew and the writer to compare and contrast with their former work as well. This bit of information would help your readers resonate with a previous work that has been viewed and for first time viewers recommend more shows for them. An interesting factor would be the unique appeal of the show and what sets it apart from other shows.
  • Critique the script – your critique of the script is your opinion of the script from the stand point of a reviewer critic. This is where you note the writer’s development of the show and how the script has been morphed into realistic scenes and dialogues and the overall progressiveness of the script dependent on the success of the show and the consistency of the script from the beginning to the end.
  • Evaluate the acting/actors – here you highlight how well the cast portrayed or channeled their characters, paying attention to details, natural feel of the characters, emotions portrayed and the seamless flow of dialogue in the scripts growth.
  • Summary of your review – remember that your review could make or break a tv show. Before people decide to watch a show they go online and look for reviews if they’re not hooked by the plot but it looks promising and they need to understand that watching that show isn’t a complete waste of their time. Don’t forget to infuse a little bit of your personality into the review (always remember that you are there to have fun too), put in some exciting trivia about the work too to keep your audience entertained.


            Writing an objective and unbiased review for motion picture can be quite the daunting task. The main purpose of a review for motion picture is to inform your readers about the movie and its ideas. Writing a good film review explores your understanding and connection to the movie.

            There are a couple of steps that would lead to an ideal film review

  1. Watch the movie more than once (at least twice) – seeing the movie once only serves entertainment face value as the first viewing only gives you a basic idea of the plot. Further viewing leading to your review will enable you to critique the plot, casting, the action and the special effects, cinematography, theme, music, narrative arcs (climax of the movie). It gives you the required insight to properly review the movie with an informed and critical mind, although it is also noteworthy to include your initial idea or reaction of the movie upon your first contact with it.
  2. Details – while reviewing the movie detailing of the most important bits are expected i.e. the characters, linguistic, costumes, theme etc. and would further expand the readers understanding of the movie.
  3. Analyze the plot and characters
  4. Analyze the creative elements – this is where you review the camera angles, lighting, tone of voice, ambience and symbols used in the movie.
  5. Pitch your opinion on why the movie is a sterling success or not supported with facts from the movie and reviewer standard.
  6. Conclude your work by reviewing if the filmmaker was successful in relaying their desired message from the movie.


The following are essential tips on the review of tv and motion picture. It will guide you along your course of reviewing and criticizing a work of art

  1. Proper writing – your vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation are ideal for an easily understandable and comprehensive review.
  2. Maintain proper sentence structure at all time for easy speech flow
  3. Be impartial in your review whether or not it contains your favorite actors
  4. Avoid cliffhangers by making sure your entire work is interconnected.
  5. Take notes as you re-watch the film
  6. Go beyond the storyline and do an in-depth analysis on all aspects of the movie
  7. Pay attention to the littlest details to achieve utmost movie experience
  8. Check facts about the movie background and dates and any historical connotations it might have

I hope in this review of tv and motion pictures you’ve been able to glean information on how to review a body of work.

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